The Chapada Diamantina National Park is one of the best hiking destinations in Brazil. The National Park is situated in the center of the Bahia state and is a paradise for tours and trekking. Chapada Diamantina has many table mountains with incredible landscapes, enormous waterfalls and deep canyons. About 150 years ago, the town of Lençóis was the diamond capital of the world, there was even a French consulate.

When hiking in the Chapada Diamantina National Park, you will easily notice the enormous diversity of landscapes, soil and vegetation. You will find Atlantic rainforest in the deep canyons, grasslands on the highlands, savannah or “cerrado” on the west side of the mountains and many rare orchids, bromeliads on the massive rock fields.

The many huge waterfalls and rare blue caves are the best Chapada Diamantina tours. While most waterfalls are quite a challenge to get to, most caves are easily accessible. Visitors can choose many levels of difficulty, from very easy to very challenging. Trekking Chapada Diamantina offers you almost infinite options to visit waterfalls. The region is so big, that it is almost 100% sure that you will be alone at the waterfalls with difficult access. The climate of Bahia gives you 365 days with nice temperatures to swim in the waterfalls.

Are you thinking of visiting the Chapada Diamantina? Reserve your personal guide at least one week in advance and follow the tips and tricks:

Chapada Diamantina Tours:

● Cave tour – This tour is perfect for who is visiting the National park for the first time. In one day, you will visit the Lapa doce and Pratinha cave, the Devil’s pool waterfall and the Pai Inacio table mountain. You will see many places but be prepared not staying very long at one place. You can do this tour without the Pratinha cave, and have more time to relax at the beautiful places. Tour recommended for everyone.

● Muritiba Park – This is a very diverse tour very close to the centre of Lençóis. In about 5 hours you will see many waterfalls, natural potholes, coloured sand caves and huge rock blocks in an amazing river bed. Tour recommended for everyone.

● Sossego waterfall and Ribeirão do Meio – The Sossego waterfall is an enormous waterfall at the end of the Ribeirão river. The trail that leads to this waterfall is very beautiful and especially the end is very adventurous as it goes through the river bed of a canyon. The trail includes rock hopping, crawling over and under huge rocks and crossing rivers. In the afternoon you can enjoy the natural rock slide of the Ribeirão do Meio. Recommended only for advanced or sportive hikers.

Trekking Chapada Diamantina:

● Trekking to the Pati valley – This is considered the most beautiful trekking of Brazil. You can visit the Pati valley in 2,3,4,5 or more days. During the trekking, you will walk through deep valleys, rivers, waterfalls and canyons. The main attractions are the Gerais do Vieira, Castle mountain, Cachoeirão waterfall (270 m) top and bottom, the Funis and Calixto waterfall. Most trails are of moderate difficulty. You will hike up to 5 or 6 hours each day. There is no need to take tents or food because you will sleep and eat very well at the local’s houses. Trekking recommended for normal sportive people and moderate or advanced hikers.

● Trekking to the bottom of the Fumaça waterfall – This trekking is only for advanced hikers who are prepared to suffer a bit. This trek under bad weather conditions can be dangerous, as a good part of the trail is in the river bed over enormous rocks. But if you take the challenge, you will not regret your visit. The trail takes you to wild waterfalls, the deepest canyons and the most incredible camping spots.

The Diamantina Mountains agency takes you to all of these places with the best English and Portuguese speaking guides of the Chapada Diamantina National Park.