It is rightly said, prevention is better than cure; avoiding diseases is far better than getting a treatment for them. There are several contagious diseases that are caused due to various micro-organisms present in the atmosphere. The invisible germs and viruses can lead to severe health issues if proper sanitation is not maintained. But through proper cleaning and washing of hands you can avoid several infectious diseases. The ubiquitous sanitizers are the best alternative for soap and water as they can prevent you from imperceptible pathogens. Sanitizers can effectively kill the microbial cells and thus thwart off disease causing germs from your skin. Hand sanitizer lotion disrupts the virus’s outer shell and cell membrane of bacteria and thus reduces germs from the skin.

Various kinds of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections can be avoided with regular application of hand sanitizers. This quick and easy method of hand cleaning can greatly help in improving hygiene besides controlling infections. Just a thumbnail sized sanitizer can help in maintaining proper health of you and your family. Sanitizers are generally made from ethanol, isopropyl alcohol as well as humectants like glycerin and oils of plants. Thus, besides eliminating disease causing microbes, sanitizers also strip the skin of its moisture. Alcohol free hand sanitizer offers great advantages over alcohol based sanitizers. Alcohol free sanitizers generally constitute benzalkonium chloride and povidone-iodine which have non-irritating and non-drying properties.

If your hands have mild cuts or bruises, then you can use alcohol free hand sanitizers as they do not sting. Moreover, these sanitizers contain antimicrobials and thus offer long lasting effect without strong and harsh smell of perfumes. Also, these sanitizers do not evaporate as quickly unlike the alcohol based sanitizers. Using superior sanitizers provided by Germ Bloc can prevent you from illness and infections. Germ Bloc is a leading online seller of alcohol free hand lotions which can purchase in bulk for schools and offices.

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