Modern lifestyle involves lack of physical activities and sedentary nature of work that often leads to problems like back pain, neck strains and knee pain. People generally prefer ointments and painkillers for such problems. But, medications and ointments cannot provide permanent relief from extreme pains and strains. Such muscle pains and sports injuries often require professional treatment from physiotherapists. Physiotherapy treatment generally involves exercises that can improve strength and range of motions. This therapeutic treatment is also effective in case of muscle imbalance, manipulation of soft tissue, joint mobilization as well as stretching and triggering to provide relief from stiffness and pain.

Whitehorse Yukon Physiotherapy and hands-on treatment can greatly help in mobilizing the joints of the spine along with creating motion in stationary tissues and muscles. Some of the conditions where need of physiotherapy becomes paramount are:

Sports injuries: Physiotherapy taping and other techniques can provide quick relief in case of sports injuries. It is considered as one of the best source of rejuvenation and recreational by many athletes.

Chronic Pain: Physiotherapy is beneficial in managing chronic and recurring pains through many different ways such as cryotherapy, TENS etc.

During and after pregnancy: During pregnancy, hormonal changes soften the ligaments and pelvic muscles also get stretched. Visiting Physiotherapist can greatly save you from post pregnancy pains.

Thrombosis: Physiotherapy is also effective in sustaining adequate leg movements thus preventing thrombosis.

Sores: Effectual physiotherapy like that provided by Whitehorse Physio can prevent bed sores or pressure sores that are common in patients who are confined to bed after surgery.

Neurological diseases: Physiotherapy can be reliving in case of Parkinson’s disease, Cerebral palsy and spinal cord injuries. Although taking Physio treatments cannot cure these diseases but it can improve the condition of living. There are some reliable physiotherapy centers that provide excellent treatment for sports or accidental injuries, pains and headaches. Whitehorse Physiotherapy is one such excellent Physio center in Yukon. The excellent physiotherapist Kristy Lerch, offers remedial treatment for various muscle sprains and pains. She is a certified Acupuncture Practitioner as well.

About Whitehorse Physiotherapy:

Whitehorse Physiotherapy has become a household name in offering therapeutic physiotherapy for problems like neck pain, jaw pain, headaches, hip pain and sports injuries. Equipped with all sorts of latest devices and equipments needed for physiotherapy, Whitehorse Physiotherapy Center is one of the leading Physio Centers in Yukon.

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