West Mesa CDC (WMCDC) is a nonprofit organization incorporated for the purpose of bringing economic and community development activities to West Mesa.  The organization was started in 2004 while development was booming in Arizona.  Long-time residents gathered under the commitment of assuring that West Mesa maintained its distinct character and continued to be known as a safe, welcoming, family-oriented and business-friendly area.

The same group of long-time residents petitioned Arizona Public Service (APS) for a grant to attend training and conferences focused on community development and resident initiatives that succeed in creating effective change.  The residents then decided that West Mesa would benefit from a nonprofit organization dedicated to working with the community, businesses, and local institutions to promote appropriate growth and ensure a future that promised to meet the needs of the community.  The Mesa Grande Community Alliance, a recognized and long-standing group of residents and community leaders in West Mesa, partnered with Banner Health to incorporate and support the WMCDC.

Since then, WMCDC has engaged in a variety of activities and programs for local residents and businesses.  Programs are aimed at educating and addressing community goals related to neighborhood maintenance and safety along with economic and community development.

The Mission of the West Mesa Community Development Corporation is to positively impact the economic growth, commercial and residential revitalization and development of our community.